Wrapping Tips!

Helloooo everyone! As Christmas is approaching, I know it is inevitable to not wrap any gifts whatsoever (unless you are the grinch or something, then bahumbug to you!) Instead of making wrapping seem like a daunting task where you work tirelessly for the gift to be unforgivably ripped open Christmas morning, let your creativity come to life and have a little fun with it! Today I am going to share my 3 tips for wrapping this holiday season and just to give you an idea of how I wrap my gifts for my friends and fam, hope you enjoy!


Tip #1:Ā 

Find a color scheme and follow through with it. Maybe it is my OCD, but I find it extremely critical for presents to follow some what of a color scheme when placed under the tree. I know it sounds crazy, but it makes the gift wrapping process so much more effortless, I promise! Not only does it just look nice, but it gives you the opportunity to mix and match ribbons, paper and tags so you can have a little variety among your gifts. And I think it goes without saying, but Target has the creme de la creme when it comes to all things gift wrapping so I would DEFINITELY recommend buying your wrapping there!


Tip #2:Ā 

It is ALLL about the detail. A little ounce of effort goes a long way and it often really appreciated. Whether it is adding a bell, pom pom, or simply a fun sticker, the details are very telling of your gratitude for the person receiving the gift and makes it look like you totally got your poop together.


Tip #3:

Try to avoid putting everything in a gift bag. While it seems very tempting and serves as an easy way out, if the gift is in a box you should wrap it because it looks much nicer and is more fun to tear open šŸ˜‰ obvi I use bags but save those for things that are not necessarily able to be wrapped with paper! Plus, buying tubes of wrapping paper is cheaper than buying bags!


Thank you for reading! I know it was a short post but in years past I have really struggled with wrapping and would get super frustrated trying to perfectly wrap all these gifts for the people I love and cherish the most. I really wanted to share some cool and trendy ways to wrap your presents so you guys don’t have to experience the same struggles as I did lol šŸ™‚ Happy wrapping and happy holidays to you all!<3

xx, Madison

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