What’s in my beach bag!

Hellooo everyone! I always see these articles in magazines and they are some of my favorite to read so I wanted to show you my spin on a “what’s in my bag” piece. As summer is seemingly coming around the corner (even though it feels like an eternity away sometimes) I decided I would share my beach essentials that I keep in my beach bag. Every summer I invest in a beach bag and this year mine is from Asos (mine is sold out, but here is the link another that is super cute). I am LOVING all the cute straw and tassels so I was really excited about this bag. Living in Southern California, I feel like having a beach bag on hand at all times comes in handy more times than not so I have these necessities all year round 😉 anyway, I hope you enjoy!!

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Sunscreen: This is a no brainer – I use Sun Bum or Coola sunscreen because they smell amazing and don’t feel too greasy. What I love about both of these brands is not only to they sell amazing sunscreen, but they have such a wide variety of hair products, makeup, oils and so much more. As you can see, I am such a sucker for all of their different products, they are perfect for being out in the sun!

Deodorant/Perfume: I am such a stickler about smelling good and when you are running around on the beach, you are sweaty and sticky so might as well smell good and not stinky. I always bring roller perfume (this is my fave) because it is so easy to bring yet so necessary. I also have recently discovered Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes which are nice because they don’t melt and don’t take up a lot of space in your bag.

*Pro tip: you can find a lot of cool products at the fancy, natural, aesthetic section of beauty at target (if you are a big target fan like me, you know what I am taking about;))

Lip Balm: I am not kidding when I say I bring at least 10 lip products to the beach, or at least a balm and a gloss. Sun bum has great ones, or SPF Lipstick from Dior is great, just anything that protects your lips from the sun.


Swimsuit Pouch: To avoid bad mildew smell, I suggest purchasing a swim suit bag to put your wet suit in. This one is super cute and keeps everything else in your bag fresh and dry!

Other fun things to bring: 

*Pro tip: Bando and Sunnylife have the cutest summer items, you gotta check them out!


Thank you so much for reading! Check out my Bikinis on a Budget! ($50 and less!) blog post for some cute kinis for the summer time!

xx, Madison



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