My Skincare Routine

Hello everyone! I have been sick for so long and I am so glad to find the strength in me to sit down and write today. I have been wanting to talk about my skincare and sort of my “skincare story” because it is something I have come to be very passionate about and find so rewarding. I have finally found what works for me and my skin after a loooooong struggle but I hope I can help someone figure out a regime that works for them or give inspiration for those who aren’t happy with their skin because trust me, there is light at the end of the tunnel!:)

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I used to be very self conscious about my skin and it had bothered me for so long. I have pretty severe combination skin (meaning it is oily one second and dry like the Sahara desert the next) and it made my skin break out all over and it made me so sad. It is a vicious cycle when you are breaking out and have to cover it with makeup which ultimately only makes it worse, but that is the route I chose unfortunately haha. I would CAKE it on (mostly for fun and experiment, but also because my whole face was covered with breakouts) to school, the beach, everywhere! I think that is why it was so chronic was because I would cover it profusely with makeup and didn’t care about my skin care routine at all.

I would try facialists, masks, everything and nothing was working for me. I finally ended up going numerous dermatologists and found one I really liked and he gave me prescribed serums that overtime would make my skin clear. I want to start by saying that don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially if it is something that bothers you or would enhance day to day living. This was something that bugged me so much and I was really determined to fix it. I know it can be awkward or embarrassing but it is 100% worth it in the end and has been so fulfilling for me.

On top of that, one of the hardest parts is testing different products by trial and error and seeing what is best for you. It takes time but after a while you know exactly what works and what doesn’t (and your skin will DEFINITELY show it LOL) For teens, our skin naturally produces more oil and isn’t mature enough to take all the greasy moisturizers and crazy products that older people use, so it is important to use products that are pure, simple and don’t have a ton of additives. That is why I swear by the Renewed Hope in a Jar Moisturizer. It has been a GODSEND and I know that it will work for other teen skin, whether you are dry or oily. It is crucial to moisturize everyday and night because otherwise you are filling your pores with the moisture you need and not with excess oils that are produced when your skin is dry and causes breakouts.

Vitamin C and citrus based products are also really beneficial for your skin and body and help to really brighten your skin to take away redness or irritation. The Truth Serum is amazing and is sensitive to teen skin especially so it doesn’t leave an oily residue. Serums always go before moisturizer and if your skin looks dull then I totally recommend getting a vitamin C serum so your skin looks dewy and glowy:)

I also like the Glossier Super Pure Serum for acne and it honestly gets rid of acne without drying out your face which is such a plus. I only use it at night because it has small packaging and I want to preserve it for as long as I can. The most ICONIC DUO that I just discovered is that serum and Renewed Hope in a Jar Night Cream ~ it is a GAME CHANGER! You wake up and your skin is just glowing and so bouncy and ahhh I love it. 99% of the time I stick with these same products because your skin becomes accustomed to these particular products and anticipates them, if that makes sense. Basically your skin drinks up those products and freaks out when you put something else in the mix. I only play around with eye creams because they are only under your eyes and are most times more advantageous than not. But eye cream is KEY if you are deathly afraid of wrinkles like me 😉 Kiehl’s Eye Cream is so awesome because it makes your under eye concealer so smooth and not flaky.

OK so I know this is getting so long, but if you couldn’t tell, skin care excites me so much haha;) what works for me might not necessarily work for you, but its all about finding a system that works for your skin and makes you happy and confident, which is ultimately the goal. Being a teen and having hormonal skin can be so frustrating, and trust me, I have had my FAIR SHARE of crazy skin. Now, I can’t go a morning or night without washing my face and putting on my skincare because it is that infused in my day to day routine consistently and also ALWAYS wash off my makeup before bed (so important wow) I am so happy with my skin right now and obviously break out but I just love not having to wear makeup and letting my skin breath, which makes it that much clearer. I couldn’t go a day without wearing makeup and now I prefer the way I look with little to none on. I am still figuring it out and it has been such a process but I encourage anyone to do the same because it is SO worth it and your skin will thank you for it.

no makeup selfie lol

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If you made it this far, you’re a champ. Thank you for reading, I will see you next time!

xx, Madison

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